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ST4i v4.0e won't display the Interactive Atlas
Hi Greg,

I've managed to break my ST4i v4.0e Interactive Atlas. The atlas won't display the star fields, just the info at the top & bottom of the page. The Naked Eye & Overhead views work correctly. When I try to switch from Overhead view to the Atlas, SkyTools displays a 'Fatal Error' message.

I think that I caused the issue by using the Task Manager to end the SkyTools task when it hung this morning during startup. The splash screen was displayed over another program & wasn't going away so I got impatient & ended the SkyTools task. I've done the 'Reset to Defaults' thing, but that didn't help.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Phil S.

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ST4i v4.0e won't display the Interactive Atlas - by PMSchu - 2019-11-02, 10:36 PM

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