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Unable to submit projects to ACP Expert
I created an imaging project (Bernard's loop. Mosaic of 2*4) and it shows up in the ACP Expert tab. ACP Setup has been completed (both running on the same machine and it looks like it's able to login and fetching status works as well). 

But I can't seem to submit the project. Gives the error 

** Error ** No bbservations could be scheduled

Any idea why this is? This is going to ACP scheduler so the schedule of when to image will be controlled by Scheduler and ST4, as I understand it is only feeding in the targets? 

At some point one such submission worked, but I have no idea why that one succeeded and the others I am creating are failing. 

I have selected the current date, and Bernard's loop should be schedulable now (although, since ACP Scheduler can take targets many months in advance, this should not really be a limiting factor?)

Any feedback on how I can submit would be much appreciated. 

I am on version 4.0e


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Unable to submit projects to ACP Expert - by manojkoushik - 2019-11-17, 06:46 AM

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