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The New Yearbar
(2017-11-14, 06:46 PM)theskyhound Wrote: So here is a screen capture of the new Yearbar (I still hate the name, but oh well).  The vertical scale is the high-quality imaging time available for the object for each night of the year, considering twilight, moonlight, altitude of the object, etc. The downside is that it can take some time to compute, but it is threaded so you can abort it or look at another tab while it is working. There is also a function to isolate a single month. The Visual Observing version works similarly.

That’s cool. Is there the the possibility of integration that with an obstructed horizon capability? That way it would be possible to get imaging time based on when an object is visible from a very specific location.
Also notice a speech button now that’s making me wonder  Smile .
Now that the observatory is up and running the computer is mounted on the AP1600. I finally gave in and bought a 16GB i7 quad core Intel NUC with dual M2 512GB SSDs. It’s pretty quick and solves my USB cable problems.

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