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Imaging System Setup - camera dark signal
I am setting up a new camera (the ZWO ASI6200MM Pro) in the SkyTools 4 Imaging "Edit Camera Data" dialogue box.  
The dark current for this camera at -10 C (which is where I typically operate my cooled cameras) is 0.00098 electrons/sec/pixel.
I enter this value in for the camera's Dark Signal...and save the settings.  
When I reopen the Edit Camera Data dialogue, the Dark Signal value is shown as "0.00"...

Does the tool automatically round down values less than a certain threshold to 0.00...?   Or is the value saved as 0.00098, but only displayed as 0.00 in the dialogue box...?


The rounding occurs when you display the camera information. So if you put in a very small number, it will be properly saved. But if you open the dialog and the save that, it will be saved as zero.

But this is all academic because for for such a small number, it is effectively zero anyhow...
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer
Thanks for the insights...!

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