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Add Airmass to the glossary
It is referenced in the Help files, but is it possible to add Airmass to the glossary. I often see an Airmass of 2, so had to google to get a better understanding of it. Google spoke of a Max of 39, but did not explain if this was an astronomical figure or if it was related to weather etc. Therefore, I am not sure what the Max can be (if it is a constant)

The Airmass is a measure of how much air you are looking through as compared to directly overhead. It is 1.0 overhead and increases toward the horizon to a maximum of XX
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Airmass doesn't have a well-defined defined maximum. It will depend greatly on the weather and the amount of refraction, and that's for a perfect horizon over the ocean. What matters is that it increases quickly as you move toward the horizon, and once you have already doubled the amount of air you are looking through (2 Airmass) you really shouldn't go any lower unless you really need to (e.g. a comet).

I will add a definition to the glossary.
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