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reinstall the full ST4 version
I purchased the ST4 imaging and the ST4 visual

How can I reinstall the full ST4 version? Where do I start ?

I posted a note here yesterday about how to do this, and even pinned it. But now I can't find it. It must be here somewhere... but anyhow here is the gist.

When you upgrade to the bundle from the Pro Edition or Imaging, you are issued a product upgrade code. This code requires version 4.0g or later to be installed in order to be recognized.

1. If you saved your original SkyTools 4 Imaging setup file, please download the more recent version of the setup file to use for installing on the second device.

2. When you applied the upgrade code, your serial number was changed to reflect your new product. Open About SkyTools from the help menu and write down your license information. When you install the SkyTools 4 Bundle on your second device, use this license.

The download is here:
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer

What is support? Anything you run into that does not seem to be working right. Please use the appropriate support forum for that. It is vitally important to include the following information in your post: SkyTools product, edition, and version. E.g. SkyTools 4 Visual Standard Edition V4.0g. It is also important to be specific about the tool you are reporting on: E.g. Nightly Planner, Scheduler, and if Visual Real Time, be sure to include if you are using Best Now or SkyTour. Including this information right away means that I won't have to ask for it, which just takes longer. Please do not seek support in more than one place.
Ok thank you

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