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Importing telescopes and locations from ST3
I'm a long-term user of ST3.  Over the years, I have programmed in many telescopes and observing locations into my ST3.  

Can someone please point me to the instructions for importing my ST3 telescopes and locations, etc. into ST4 Visual.  How do I do it?
Hi Masec,

If you already have ST4v there is a detailed description of the procedure to transfer your ST3 data into ST4. Refer to the Help Topic "Transferring Your SkyTools 3 Data'. It's the 4th entry from the top  in the Help.

Check it out & if you still have questions, post them here.

Hope this helps,

Phil S.

Start SkyTools 4 Visual. Click on the Help menu and choose Help Contents. If you don't see the contents on the left side of the help window, click the Show button at the top left. Look for the 4th topic down, called Transferring Your SkyTools 3 Data. You will find the full instructions there.
Clear skies,

Technoking of Skyhound
Wow!  Many unforeseen issues covered in the instructions.
I'm glad I asked.  I appreciate the detailed instructions.
Thank you Smile
Hi masec,

Were you able to transfer your ST3 info into ST4 successfully?

If you have more questions, post them here. Greg responds very quickly.

Phil S.

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