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Orbit tracking not working for iTelescopes on Paramounts

I asked iTelescope support which of their telescopes had mounts that could track something like a comet. The answer surprised me. They said that they had very recently discovered a bug that was causing all telescopes on Paramounts to be unable to track at orbital rates. They are currently working on it. They had hoped to have T02 fixed, but I tested it it early this morning and it failed to track an asteroid.
Clear skies,
Head Dude at Skyhound
Well that explains my problem  Sad Sad Sad. Not the T14 images though. That was my fault.

Christian showed some images at a recent webinar that clearly did track the comet. All of the stars had the characteristic RGB trails while the comet looked great. I didn't catch which system was used to capture the images though. I missed the free images that they had of the comet too.

Phil S.

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