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Globular Cluster Haute-Provence 1 (ESO 455-11)

Whilst setting up to attempt to record the faint Globular Cluster UKS 1, I used HP 1 as a warmup target to get all the gear set up, aligned and calibrated. Both clusters were found in ST4 Imaging via the Database Power Search. Smile

R.A.  17h31m05.0s Dec. -29°58'54" (2000) in Ophiuchus
Magnitude: 12.50
Size: 1.2'
Tak Mewlon 210 F11.5
Tak x0.8 Reducer/Flattener
ASI294MM Pro Camera, 4.63u Pixels.
A Plate Solve reported a FL of 2135mm (F10.1) at 0.447 arcsec/pixel.
  • L: 60x60 secs
  • R; 20x30 secs
  • G; 20x30 secs
  • B; 20x30 secs
Discovered by Dufay, Berthier and Morignat in 1954. Independently rediscovered by van den Bergh and Hagen in 1975. Globular Cluster HP 1 was discovered by Dufay (1954), and sometimes referred to as "HP" for the Haute-Provence Observatory where the discovery occurred (e.g., Sawyer Hogg 1959). This designation was mutated to HP 1 as more globular clusters were discovered at that observatory in the 1960s by Terzan.

Until recently, it was thought that HP 1 is situated close to the Galactic Centre, but recent estimates have put it as far as about 20,000 light years beyond, to a total distance of 46,000 light years from us.

Further information can also be found here.

I have included a DSS Coloured image from Aladin Lite.


Thank you for posting this Dennis!

Something weird appears to have happened. I just found this post in the moderation queue and your posts aren't moderated. I swear I saw a date on it from last June? Weird.
Clear skies,
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Thanks Greg, I noticed that my deep space posts do pop up with the Moderation message, but those posts I make in in NEO's and Planets get straight through?



EDIT: I just noticed that I posted the wrong image from the Mewlon and have now fixed it. Smile

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