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BackUp Settings and Plans
Hi Greg

A question: how can I backup my settings and transfer it to another PC?
What I'm doing: I have a main PC for processing and planning and than I have a laptop which I use for capturing and using outside at night.
What I really need is a way to transfer everything to my laptop I have planned it on my PC. This was super easy with the BackUp function of SkyTools 3 as I have saved everything on my Google Drive and transferred it to my laptop. How can I do it now with SkyTools 4 Imaging?

Thank you

Backup/Restore is something I am working on now, so it should be available soon. A full Sync may take a bit longer, but it is up next. What you can do in the meantime is copy the "user" data from one computer to another. Your custom data is stored in a folder in My Documents called "SkyTools 4". Note that this is not the install folder in the Program files path. Just copy the entire folder over. Just in case, rename the "SkyTools 4" folder first on your laptop. And be sure to close SkyTools on the laptop before copying.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer
Thank you Smile

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