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Screen scaling
I have a problem with the new SkyTools 4 Imaging, I have installed it on my laptop (I use my laptop on the field) and my laptop comes with a recommended screen scaling of 125% (because it is a small screen but high resolution). And if I leave it on this scaling you can see in the attachment what happens. I f I leave it on 100% everything is small but at least the Interactive Atlas is working. Is there an easy fix for this or we must wait for an update? On the laptop I have a dual card Intel / Nvidia set up bu the problem is present on my PC too if I scale it to 125%, on my PC I have an integrated Intel Graphics Card (Intel HD Graphics 630)

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This should be fixed as of version 4.0c. If not, please let me know.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer
Works like a charm. Thank you very much

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