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(2017-11-14, 04:16 AM)theskyhound Wrote: The scheduler is designed to integrate with external control systems. Right now it supports ACP and that is what I have been concentrating on. I may be able to add one or more others before release, but that depends on how compatible they are and how much trouble it is. But in the longer term, say the next year or two, I do hope to support as many different control systems as reasonable.

As far as temperature and weather data, I am open to ideas. Right now you have to enter it yourself.

SGP seems to be pretty popular. From a developer perspective the API’s are provided in a lot of formats.
Adding the info isn’t that bad. There was some talk on the Astro-Physics forum about it possibly being in ASCOM at some point.

Working with ACP does that mean you might integrate with Pinpoint for platesolves?

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