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Added Object and Project by RA/Dec - Project Not Listed

NGC 1999 is one of my favorite objects, and that looks like a very cool filament to go after. Indeed it is not in the catalog shipped with SkyTools.

The Add Object dialog is not the right place to be adding an object to the database. It is short for "Add Object to Target List" dialog. To further add to the confusion, it appears that I broke something at some point and the Enter Coordinates tab should not be appearing when called from the Target Selection Tool.

Here's how to add the object to the SkyTools Supplemental Database:

1. From the top level menu "Data" menu select "Supplemental Deep Sky."

2. Press Enter New Object

3. Select HII nebula as the object type, enter HH-222, the coordinates, and approximate size (just fill our the Major Axis only and leave the PA blank). Add an estimated total magnitude, if possible.

4. Click Ok and then close the Supplemental Deep Sky Dialog.

Now, back at the Target Selection dialog, go ahead and press Add Object , but enter HH 222 into the search. It should now appear. From there, you can add it to a Target List or create an Imaging Project for it directly.
Clear skies,

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