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A question about Multiple Log Entries
I’m reading the guide document on “Create Multiple Log Entries”.

I was hoping to find functionality whereby I could insert log entries for all objects displayed in the observation list.
Hopefully by selecting all of those objects and then initiating some action that would insert logs for all of them at once.

For multiple log entries, the guide references the “New Log Defaults” dialog module.
But it still appears to be the case that for every log entry - only one object can be logged at a time.

There is the “Create Quick Log Entry” function - which opens up the “Observation Log” dialog. 
And the minimal user action there - is to click the “Close” button.  

I looked in the keyboard shortcuts section of the guide to see if there is a shortcut key for the “Close” button.  But I couldn’t find one. 
So the fastest way to insert a log entry with this method entails selecting an object, hitting the “L” shortcut key to start the “Observation Log” dialog module -  and then (at minimum) clicking the “Close” button.
It appears this is the fastest way to create log entries.

However, there is also a “sync” function for users importing version 2 logs into the system. 
I wonder if I could populate a file with a bulk of objects and use the “sync” function to do a bulk log import?

Am I missing something?

See the LogImport tool here:
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer
(2019-01-18, 12:33 AM)theskyhound Wrote: See the LogImport tool here:

That is totally awesome Greg!
You wouldn't by any chance - have an example csv import log file that you could provide?
Perhaps a log file one of the developers there used when testing the log import exe?

If not - I understand.
I might be perhaps asking a little too much.


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