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Incorrect OTA used for iTelescope T32
Hi Greg,

The problem with T16 isn't the mount, but something wrong with the filter wheel. I think the mount problem on T16 occurred last year. The filter wheel on an LRGB system must get a ton of use. I tried to use T16 a few weeks ago on M42, but there were problems with the autoguider not locking on the guide stars. All I got were two 5 min images through the B filter neither of which was usable Sad .

On the occultation of Sirius by (4388) Jurgenstock, much of the uncertainty about the track seemed to be related to the inaccuracy of the position of Sirius A due to its extreme brightness. As you said, the track position isn't well defined. It sure won't be visible from here, we have 100% overcast again Sad

ST4i predicts the occultation will occur at New Mexico Skies observatory on 18 Feb 2019 at 22:30:24 MST. My orbital elements are epoch 2019 Jan 16, so a little old. Mesa Redonda is a bit too far west, but extremely close. Good luck if you try to observe the occultation!

Phil S.

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