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Imaging Project from multi Target Lists
In the Target Selection tab I created several Imaging Projects using the Messier Target List. Then I switched to another target list that I had previously built that includes many of the Messier target objects for which I had created the Imaging Projects. But the Imaging Projects for those target objects were not indicated in Target Selection list. I am thinking that an Imaging Project for a specific target object should be listed no matter which Target List it was created from. This is all for the same Imaging System.

Is this working as designed or is this a bug?

Thank You,
Greg Jones

Update: After I created a new Imaging Project while that second Target List was selected then the other Imaging Projects showed up. It seems that just switching to another Target List did not refresh the Imaging Projects icon in the list.

Maybe we need a "Refresh List" button?

Greg Jones
Hi Greg,

The determining factor for displaying the imaging project icon should be the Observing Program selection. Presumably that didn't change, so yes the icons should still appear. This problem with the icons not always appearing is a bug I've been chasing for some time. Every time I think I've fixed it, it comes back again. I will look into it again.

BTW there is a refresh list selection on the List Funtrions menu.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer

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