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ST 3 Crashes with ASCOM and iOptron
I am currenty testing. The crash showed up while at the Virtual Atlas with no context viewer on. It did show up when I pushed the Flip horizontal button (mirror).
I use no cable, the Mount is connected via WiFi. The Ascom plattform and all drivers are current, so is my mounts firmware.
Now I do a restart and lets see in what constellation the error will come up next. The error message is the same as above.
I agree with Spider. This isn't likely to be a SkyTools issue. There is simply no way that merely clicking the Flip button should cause a crash. That works in every other case, and has nothing at all to do with communication with the mount. This implies that communications is the root problem.

Try testing with the Telescope simulator. If it works fine we know the problem is somewhere between ASCOM and the mount.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer
Hi Greg, Spider,

thanks for your suggestions. I am not quite good in software related error analytics. I will go on and use my workaround until ST 4 is out and when the issue is still there (most likely considering your opinions) I will investigate further with the guys from iOptron and Ascom. I guess there are some logs where errors may be logged.


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