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DB Power Search and Constellation Filter
I see what I have done Greg. Smile


On my Notebook Computer (used at the telescope) I have both SkyTools 3 Pro and SkyTools 4 Imaging installed.


It looks like I had the ST4 Interactive Atlas & Camera View Windows open(for Nereid) and then I must have toggled to an ST3 Observing List (screen capture attached) believing that it was an ST4 Target List (which I had been trying to generate earlier) with all the Asteroids in Aquarius, so I could identify the 2 interlopers.


So, in summary, I wasn’t looking at an ST4 Target List, but my ST3 Observing List – whoops, apologies for the duff info.

I had just downloaded the full Bowell's ASTORB file (796568element sets) for both ST3 and ST4 and was running Database Power Searches in both applications hence the confusion. Rolleyes




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RE: DB Power Search and Constellation Filter - by Dennis - 2019-09-07, 04:58 AM

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