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DB Power Search and Constellation Filter
Hi Dennis & Greg,

I really hadn't thought about the observing location & time parameters that would be required for a database search for minor planers in a specific constellation before. It makes sense that they would be needed to nail down the apparent locations of the objects. The Imaging System should not be needed for the calculation, but without choosing an IS the Location & Date parameters are greyed out. However, ST4i will assign the constellations for the minor planets search if 'Any' constellation is selected for the search and no IS, Location or Date info is provided. ST4i must use some default value to make the assignment of a constellation.

I just completed the search & found 65 minor planets in Aquarius tonight. I also downloaded the ASTORB data several weeks ago & have ~600,000 minor planets for the current epoch. A screenshot is attached. This was not a quick calculation on my 5 yr old AMD 8350 based computer  Smile .

Thanks again Dennis for sharing this info,

Phil S.

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