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DB Power Search and Constellation Filter

The original problem had to do with galaxies. The constellations can be selected, but the resulting list is not being affected by the selection. I have reproduced this and there will be a fix in the next update.

Phil: as moving objects, comets and minor planets are supposed to require a date in order to apply the constellation filter. Internally, in order to do the calculations a location also needs to be specified. Because many imaging systems are tied to a fixed location, and the fact that selecting a date also enables other filters that are based on a selected imaging system, I made the decision to simplify things by forcing the selection of an imaging system in order to select a date and location. So in the case of asteroids and comets, I believe the constellation filter is working as intended.

I hope that properly addressed your question.

I will probably revisit this design decision in the future, allowing the selection of a night and location independent of an imaging system.
Clear skies,

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