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DB Power Search and Constellation Filter
Hi Greg & Dennis,

As I mentioned up-thread, it makes sense to require a Location & Date for the Minor Planet search. You have confirmed that thinking. I tried to repeat a Database search this morning & found that after selecting an IS & Date that the 'Select Constellation' button became active. When I selected 'Any Imaging System' again, the 'Select Constellation' option greyed-out. I thought that it worked as I initially described last night, but I couldn't duplicate the behavior today. 

I did rerun the search for 'Any' constellation with no IS, Location or Date & sorted the list by constellation. I transferred the minor planets in Aquarius to a new Target List & got 2743 objects in Aquarius. ST4i appears able to search without a specified date, but I don't know what the time window for an object to appear in Aquarius might be. That's a lot of objects for a single night  Wink .

I hope that I'm not just adding confusion to the issue,

Phil S.

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