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DB Power Search and Constellation Filter
Hi Greg,

Sorry for the confusion, I think I'm confusing myself. Here goes.

Last night I tried to do the same database search that Dennis described. He searched for Apollo, main belt & outer main belt objects in Aquarius on a specified night. I tried a search for Apollo objects and found none in Aquarius. When doing the search I had to select an IS and Date to be able to select Aquarius only. I thought that I was able to switch the IS selection back to 'Any' & still search for objects in Aquarius only. Then I also checked the box for main belt objects and got 65 objects in Aquarius. So far so good.

This morning I tried to repeat the search that I did last night, selecting an IS & Date, then selecting Aqr. When I switched the IS selection back to 'Any' the constellation also reverted to 'Any' as you've indicated that it should. It didn't behave as it did last night. I ran the search for 'Any IS', no specified Date & 'Any' constellation to see what the result would be. I sorted by constellation and copied the objects in Aqr to a new Target List. The search returned 2743 objects in Aqr with no Date specified.

I was trying to help Dennis figure out how to do the search that he wanted. Now I'm curious to know what Date value ST4i uses for a search for minor planets when no Date has been specified for the search. Last night I thought I'd found a way to do a search for a specific constellation without specifying an IS & Date first, but this morning I couldn't duplicate that approach. Thus my confusion.

Phil S.

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