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Search by object by (narrowband) filter type?
BTW, I think that the Database Power Search would benefit from having a button linking to it from the Designation Search menu. Or being listed in the Tools menu by itself. Where it is now (in one item of a dropdown box in the Target Selection tab) is kind of hidden. Even in that tab, for me at least it'd make more sense to have it as a different button because I don't associate it with the "Get Target List" functionality. I had forgotten where it is and spent several good minutes today looking for it because even when I looked at the screen, I didn't think of DPS as "getting a list", but something totally different, a local search. I checked the help page as well (minor thing: the topic appears as "The Database Power Serarch Tool") but it doesn't say where it is, just what it does.

Thanks again for creating ST, love it!

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RE: Search by object by (narrowband) filter type? - by razvan - 2019-06-09, 11:08 PM

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