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Possible to default to a reducer instead of primary focus?
Hi Greg,

I have an 8" SCT which I use for EAA so I have a 0.63 reducer installed all the time. It is configured in the imaging system and ideally I could tell ST4 to default to using it instead of "Primary Focus". Currently ST4 defaults to the latter so I have to switch to it every time. It's not a big thing, just asking.


When the reducer is installed permanently, there is a better way. First remove the reducer from the list of focal changers. Then open the OTA and change the focal length to reflect the effective focal length with the reducer installed. Just multiply the focal length by 0.63 to get the effective focal length. Check the box next to Built in focal changer. After this you will not need to make a selection for the focal changer.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer
Wonderful, thanks Greg!

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