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Target Selection - filter by azimuth?
Hi Greg,

Is there a way to filter objects by their azimuth? To be more precise, filter objects that on a given night, are at least x minutes between y and z degrees (this can be combined with the other night filters). Or, by the value in the azimuth column ("the azimuth of the object in the sky at the Exposure Start time, if there is one, or at the time of transit otherwise.") but it's not exactly the same thing. 

The use case is imaging from a place with optical obstructions or sky quality restrictions (big LP dome in one direction) where there's no point in showing objects that cannot be observed at all.

In case you're considering adding this in the Night Filter, I think space can be made by narrowing the elements wider than the values they contain, such as the "IQ" dropdown box, the From & To edit boxes and some  in between elements, such as left of the "Duration" label).


The better solution would be to create an obstructed horizon for the location that takes into account the light dome.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer
Will do. It's a bit more work (I observe at various locations so the obstructions vary a lot)  but I can manage.


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