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Will ST4 databases be as complete as ST3 Pro
I viewed the new video preview of ST4 Visual and visited the associated ST4 web page.  I was impressed with new features.

In the website description of the product, I did not see a description of the range of magnitudes of stars and size of the star databases that will be displayed in ST4.  If this has been answered in a separate thread, please forgive the repetition.

I assume that the full object databases (stars, galaxies, etc) as they exist in ST3 Pro will be standard in ST4. Can you please speak to the completeness of the object databases that will available to us in ST4?

Thank you for your work on this project.  Excitement is building.


Yes, the full range of objects available in SkyTools 3 are still there, only now there are more of them. The galaxy database in particular is much larger and has has been cleaned of erroneous faint galaxies (that don't actually exist). But there are improvements across the board: e.g. more open clusters, nebulae, and improved data for them.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer

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