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How to create a solar filter for Mercury transit
Hi Greg,

Is it possile to create a solar filter in ST4i to use to simulate imaging of the upcoming transit of Mercury on 11 Nov 2019? If so how would I go about creating a 16 to 18 stop solar filter for use in the Exposure Calculator? I'd like to use the filter with a DSLR camera + lens configuration.

I successfully used a 10 stop ND + IR blocking filter to photograph the transit of Venus in June 2012. The exposure was 1/3200 at f/11. I've since obtained an 18 stop solar filter that I'd like to use for the transit of Mercury.

The attached images of the Venus transit were shot with a Canon EOS 50D & EF 100-400L IS lens with & without a 1.4x tele converter for a 560mm & 400mm focal length, respectively. I used an earlier version of SkyTools (2 or 3 can't remember which) to help set up the shots.


Phil S.

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