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How to create a solar filter for Mercury transit
Hi Greg,

Thanks for your reply. The filter factor for a 10 stop=0.001, 16 stop=0.000015 and 18 stop=0.0000038. Should I combine the effect of the ND/solar filter with the color filter in the DSLR or just eliminate the color filter altogether? I don't plan to use the IR blocker with the solar filter, the IR blocker was needed because the 10 stop ND that I used in 2012 didn't block IR. At 10 stops of brightness reduction, the sun was still pretty bright. I bought the 18 stop solar filter for the 2017 solar eclipse, but was clouded out  Sad .

Will I need to define a new camera/solar filter for another Imaging System?

Glad you liked the pictures,

Phil S.

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