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How to create a solar filter for Mercury transit
Hi Greg,

Bummer, I don't think that the transit will wait until the end of the year  Rolleyes . Is there a way to combine the effects of 2 filters simultaneously to add up to 18 stops? From what you found, even a 10 stop filter with 0.1% transmission is below the allowable 0.4% limit. I think that the next transit occurs in 2023 or 2024, but may not be visible from Ohio in any case.

I guess that the thing to do is work from the 10 stop exposure of 1/3200 sec at f/11 and try 1/50 at f/5.6 for starters.

So far our autumn weather has been pretty clear, but November is pushing things.

I take it that my filter file was correctly formatted.

Thanks for checking this out,

Phil S.

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