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Light Old User Question
Not new to SkyTools had ver.2, then upgraded years ago to 3Pro but only very lightly used it. Very old and fluent MegaStar user. Recently decided to give it another try so installed on a new laptop and set up some of the permanent configurations. I noticed when listing the "Optimum Eyepiece" on a Nightly Planner for a comet run, some of the eyepieces listed have 2.0x next to the name. I'm assuming that ST is making a suggestion that I add a 2x Barlow to the 6 Clave or 5 LE Takahashi?  When observing that particular comet from my Bortle class 4 skies with my 13" Dob. Or does it mean something else?

Yes, that means to use the 2x Barlow. But it is important to understand that this is not the "Optimum Eyepiece." It is the "Optimum Eyepiece for Visual Detection." This is explained in the help and is on the tool tip when you pass the mouse over, but it is too long to all fit on the column header.

What this means is that this is the eyepiece that maximizes contrast. This is important for faint objects that are difficult or challenging to see, but loses its utility when the object is easy or obvious in the eyepiece. So it should only be used for hard to detect objects.

SkyTools 4 will offer a true "ideal" eyepiece that takes into account other factors, including aesthetics, for those objects that are already easily visible.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer

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