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Tracking Published Observations
As part of my planning and logging of observations, I like to read published comments and descriptions of the objects in the many books that I own.  What I have figured out using SkyTools is to create observing lists for all of my observational books (like Sue French's Deep Sky Wonders or the Webb Society books, among others).  This does seem to work as I can look up any object in the database and look under Object Information\Observing Lists and see all the "book" lists that I've entered.  I can also use the Notes tab and the Images tab to add additional information like the chapter and page where the object is described in those books.  It takes a bit of work to create the lists and to update the notes, but it's the best solution I've found for this.  The problem is that I can't seem to get that information out if I want to share my observations and this "index" list of external references that I've been able to associate with these objects.

I'm not really using the observing lists in the traditional way, and I don't know if anyone else has wanted this kind of information.  I suppose it's a bit like adding chart numbers for all the various atlas out there to each of the database objects, except I'm attaching books titles, authors and page numbers.


Are you wishing to share this information with other SkyTools users, or do you wish to share it with those who are not?

Sharing with other SkyTools users is done via sharing an observing list.

Here is what you do to share with other SkyTools users:

1. Open the Data Manager from the button on the planner tool bar
2. Select the Share Lists tab
3. Select the group and then your list
4. At the bottom, under Include in Share File select the notes, images, or web links that you want to share with the list
5. Click Share List and select a file name and folder to save the file

You could make the list available on this forum by attaching the file.

This .stx file can be read by other SkyTools users. It will create an observing list for them. The notes, images, and links are imported for each of the objects in the list. They are all given the same name as the list. So if your list is called "My Fav Book" then there will be notes, images, and web links folders called "My Fav Book" added to their SkyTools. This works best if they select the "My Fav Book" as the Notes Ratings "group" on the planner when they open the list. To access each of these notes, links, etc., double-click on the object and open the appropriate tab in the Object Info.

Note that I am aware that this is too complicated, which is probably the reason this hasn't been done much. I have streamlined the process in SkyTools 4.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer
Thanks Greg. I look forward to trying this in the new version.
I have accessed the Observing lists available at the Skyhound website using SkyTools 3 Pro. The website has many of the lists that you mentioned, including entries (by constellation) from Burnham's Celestial Handbook & many others. If you haven't taken advantage of this feature of ST3, I encourage you to do so. Greg has obviously put in a lot of effort in making the Skyhound website a wealth of astronomy information that interfaces well with the SkyTools software.

I've been an ST user since ST2 and have been very pleased with all of the ST versions. I look forward to seeing your lists on the Skyhound website.

Phil S.

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