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Download SkyTools 1.x to SkyTools 2 Importer

Version 1.1 (released October 16, 2002)

This utility program (Import 2) is used to transfer your SkyTools 1.x observing locations, optical instruments, observing lists and log entries for use with SkyTools 2.

Download Instructions
The file is called import2_setup.exe.  Click on the link below to start the download.  Your browser should prompt you to save the file.   Save the file in a temporary folder.

Download SkyTools Importer (import2_setup.exe, version 1.1, 545K)

Installation Instructions
(1) Close SkyTools 1.x and SkyTools 2.0 before installation.

(2) Start the installation program (the file you downloaded -- import2_setup.exe) by double clicking on it.  This program will extract the files and start the installation process.

(3) Make sure that the install program places the files into the SkyTools 2 folder.  If you installed SkyTools 2 in a folder other than the default, press the Browse button and select the correct path to the SkyTools 2 folder. The Import 2 utility must be installed with your other SkyTools 2 files.  Note that if you are updating Import2 from a previous version you won't be asked for a location.

(4) Start Import 2 from the shortcut added to the Start Menu (under SkyTools 2).  Close SkyTools 1.x and SkyTools 2.  Click the Help buttons for further instructions.


Version Notes:

1.1: Fixes problems with observing lists not listing/importing properly, log entries that were not imported, and various minor problems importing log entries.