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SkyTools 4 Visual

The ultimate software for visual observing

SkyTools 4 Imaging

Image smarter

Some of the basic features that make SkyTools stand head and shoulders above the rest:

  • Fully Integrated Databases - only SkyTools draws the best data from multiple sources to create highly corrected databases for both stars and deep sky objects. 

  • Smarter Planning - only SkyTools uses advanced scientific models for planning that fully take into account your telescope and observing conditions. 

  • All Double Stars are Accurately Depicted on Charts - only SkyTools allows you to zoom in to any double star - even binaries with orbits - to accurately see the individual component stars appear, drawn correctly for any given date.

  • Powerful Interactive Atlas - a highly customizable "atlas on a computer" that in itself is as powerful as many other software products.

  • Intelligent Telescope Control - plan what to observe in real time at the telescope, then effortlessly drive the scope to your targets. Or find an area of the sky on the atlas and drag the scope around the sky by moving the field of view.

  • Better Comet and Novae/Supernovae Data - at Skyhound we monitor recent observations, updating within hours of a nova or supernova discovery, and we keep the magnitudes, coma diameters and DC up to date for the observable comets. This information is easily downloaded from within SkyTools in the form of one of the "Current" observing lists, ready for use in the planner.  

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