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Logging Observation with SkyTools 3

The SkyTools logbook is an app in itself, not only providing a place to record your observations, but a means of organization and a powerful search engine.

"Once you start using SkyTools, you may never go back to pen and paper." -- Sky & Telescope

The SkyTools log book is simple and easy to use.  Customizable presets can be created to your taste which make entering viewing conditions fast and simple.  Defaults can be set so you don't have to enter the same information over and over.  The logs are indexed by object type, night, instrument, observer, location, and constellation, and can be filtered using any combination of these indices.

Comments can be added to each index.  Comments for a particular night are particularly useful, as in the example above.  Miscellaneous logs can be entered for non-object oriented observations such a meteor showers or atmospheric phenomena.

Log entries can be

  • backed-up or printed for safe keeping

  • exported to a file in a delimited format which can be read by other apps or spreadsheets

  • transferred and synchronized easily from one computer to another, allowing you to make log entries on your laptop in the field and transfer them to your desktop later.

  • copied to the windows clipboard for pasting into word processors or text editors 

Need to send in your logs for a Messier or Herschel certificate?  Logs can be printed for any observing list, making the process a snap.

Note: the Logbook is not available in the Starter Edition.