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Download SkyTools 3 Log Import Utility

Version 0.41 Beta (April 4, 2011)

This program is used to import observing logs from a file into SkyTools 3. Files can be read in a variety of formats that include most exported by other products.  Your existing SkyTools 3 logs will not be overwritten. SkyTools 3 must be installed prior to use.

This is a beta version.  If you run into any problems please contact us so that we can help you get your logs imported. Suggestions and addition input formats are also welcome.  

Download Instructions
The file is called LogImportV041.exe.  Click on the link below to start the download.  Your browser should prompt you to save the file.   Save the file in a temporary folder.

Download SkyTools 3 Log Import (LogImportV041.exe, version 0.4, 871K)

Installation Instructions
(1)  Start the installation program (the file you downloaded -- LogImportV041.exe) by double clicking on it.  This program will extract the files and start the installation process.

(2) Make sure that the install program places the files into the SkyTools 3 folder. This utility must be installed with your other SkyTools 3 files.  

(3) Start LogImport from the shortcut added to the Desktop or from the Start Menu (under SkyTools 3).  Click the Help buttons for further instructions.


Version Notes:

0.4: Fixed several bugs that interfered with reading various data formats.

0.2: Added support for SkyMap format minor planet designations and fixed a buffer overrun

0.1: This is the original beta version.