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August 2014 -- Very early preview of SkyTools 4 for imaging at the Oregon Star Party

Greg previewed his innovative new "Imaging Project" approach to observation planning at the star party. It is a big new endeavor, which will delay the SkyTools 4 release, but he feels it will revolutionize planning for astro-imaging, and will be well worth the wait.

March 2012 -- Skyhound releases the Starter Edition

The Starter Edition of SkyTools 3 is for beginning backyard observers using binoculars and small telescopes (apertures up to 4.5-inches or 120 mm).

March 2011 -- SkyTools Video tutorials

These video tutorials help new users get started and offer tips for using SkyTools to its fullest. 

January 1, 2011 -- Skyhound no longer supports SkyTools 1

SkyTools 1, which was released in 1998 and is incompatible with modern operating systems, is no longer supported.

September 18, 2009 -- Skyhound releases the SkyTools 3 Log Import program.

This stand-alone program imports log entries into SkyTools 3 from a file in a variety of formats.

December 15, 2008 -- Skyhound releases SkyTools 3

Skyhound announces SkyTools 3, our latest software for the observer. SkyTools 3 is now available in two editions: Standard and Pro.

The Pro edition features a state of the art 522 million star database fully integrated with separable double star components and variability data.  New imaging features include an innovative imaging session planner, exposure calculator, and imaging context viewer.  The imaging session planner supports deep sky, planetary, lunar and solar imaging for astronomical CCDs, digital cameras, and video/web cams.  This tool provides new insights into when and how to obtain images, based on a sophisticated model of the sky, optics, and camera.

Both editions include many new observing tool innovations, including a visual detection model, double-star pair splitting model, context viewer, science-based realistic sky simulations, a new observing list generator, and detailed observing synopses for any object.  Additional tools provide data organization, sharing, and synchronization between computers.

September 17, 2007 -- Skyhound has discontinued PC-Sky.

As our supply of manuals finally ran out we felt it was time to let this venerable old software pass into history.

March 1, 2007 -- SkyTools 2.2h Update released download 

January 1, 2007 -- Skyhound has released version 1.06 of Planet Vistas Desktop as a free download!

Click here for more information and the download

Skyhound Announces Club Discount Program

Buy together and save!  Order multiple copies of SkyTools 2 through your astronomy club and save up to 50%!  To find out more see Astronomy Club Discounts

January 1, 2006 -- We have changed our name: CapellaSoft is now Skyhound

July 15, 2003 -- SkyTools Real Time Released

The first of many add-ons to come, SkyTools Real Time adds exciting and innovative functionality to SkyTools for use at (or near) the telescope.  In addition, this amazing tool adds the much anticipated telescope interface to SkyTools.  To read more see Real Time

September 16th 2002 -- SkyTools 2 Officially Released

SkyTools 2 is the latest version of Skyhound's software for astronomical observers.  SkyTools is now positioned as the premier astronomical software product, boasting an astronomical database second to none and a host of innovative new features.