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The Nightly Observing List Generator

Behind this simple tool lies an amazing engine for suggesting objects to observe on any given night.  Quickly create a list of cool things to show your buddies or escape the doldrums with interesting objects that you have never heard of before.   Objects are chosen appropriate for the night, observing location, telescope, and when you plan to go to bed. 

Imagine this... you arrive home late from work one evening and suddenly remember that you are meeting the scouts tonight with your telescope.  What are you going to show them?  This wonderful tool can bail you out in seconds, generating a list of showpieces, including planets, double stars, bright deep sky objects, and even comets. 

Tired of the same old objects?  This tool can suggest something new and interesting to observe on any given night.  And with a random component, a different set of objects can be suggested each time you run it.