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Order SkyTools 3 Upgrade from SkyTools 2


SkyTools 3 is available delivered as a download or on CD/DVD. 

Our standard shipping via Priority Mail is $6 within the U.S., $21 to Canada and Mexico, and $26 elsewhere.


Upgrade Pricing

SkyTools 3 Standard Edition ($49.98 Download) (for CD add $6 + shipping)

SkyTools 3 Standard Edition plus Real Time Bundle ($62.50 Download) (for CD add $6 + shipping )

SkyTools 3 Pro Edition, includes Real Time ($89.98 Download) (for CD+DVD add $10 + shipping)


Note to users of SkyTools 2 Real Time: SkyTools 3 Pro Edition or SkyTools 3 Real Time are required for telescope control.


SkyTools 2 Serial Number:  The SkyTools 2 serial number is displayed on the Configure SkyTools dialog within SkyTools 2.  It is also printed on the inside cover of your CD case.  


 Step 1: Enter your name and  serial number



SkyTools 2 Serial Number (Note there is no letter "O" -- use zero instead)