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Permanent Observatories and Remote Observing

The SkyTools Real Time tool is designed specifically for use during your observing sessions, whether it be from a control room in the dome or from 3000 miles away.  The telescope can be targeted directly from your observing list.  The Interactive Atlas and Context Viewer display where you are currently pointed and make it easy to identify the field.

Use the NightBar to track the darkness of the sky and the altitude of your current target throughout the night (the yellow vertical line below is the current time at the location of the telescope).  No other tool can give you the "feel" of the night and current position of the telescope like SkyTools can.

More Information at the Telescope

The objects best observed at that moment are displayed at the top of the Real Time observing list and prioritized by whether or not they are rising or setting, how far they are away from the current telescope position, by their status (observed or not yet observed) and the priority you have given them.  

The date and time used for all functions are obtained directly from your computer clock.  When you open a chart, start a log entry, or view object information, the time is always assumed to be current.

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The Real Time tool is included with the Professional Edition.  For the Standard Edition it is a separately purchased add-on.