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Common SkyTools 3 Problems & Solutions

1. Chart lines and labels are offset or not scaled properly in Windows 8/8.1/10

This is the result of a bug in some of the more recent graphics drivers. So the first thing to do is to download and install the latest driver. If the problem persists, follow the workarounds below until a new driver resolves the problem. 

Solution A: Disable display scaling for the app

Step 1: Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, and tap Search.
(If you're using a mouse, point to the upper-right corner of the screen, move the mouse pointer down, and click Search.)
Step 2: In the search box, type "SkyTools".
Step 3: Select the SkyTools 3 tile (swipe down on the tile or right-click on it), and tap or click Open file
to open File Explorer on the desktop.
Step 4: In File Explorer, tap and hold (or right-click) the "SkyTools 3" executable (.exe) file and select Properties.
Step 5: Select the Compatibility tab.
Step 6: In the Settings section, select Disable display scaling on high DPI settings.
Step 7: Tap or click OK.
Step 8: Start the SkyTools 3.

Solution B: Lower the display resolution. Set the Display text size setting to 100%. This will make the charts display properly, while at the same time make the text large enough to be readable. 

Solution for Microsoft Surface 3:

The following settings are known to work for the Surface 3 and Windows 10:

  • Display Settings: "Change the size of text, apps and other items:" set to 150%
  • Follow "Solution A" above

Solution page from Microsoft for the Surface

Solution for Microsoft Surface Book/Windows 10

            - Change “Resolution” to 1920 x 1200

            - Change “Text Size” to 150%

and make the following change to Sky Tools 3 Pro  icon “Properties-Compatibility-Settings”:

            - check “Disable Display Scaling on High DPI Settings”

2. Printed charts don't show stars to the faint limit of your telescope

For some printers the default star sizing can make the faintest stars invisible on printed charts.  Compare the faintest stars visible on the on-screen version of the same exact chart to the printed one; if stars are missing from the printed version of the chart follow the instructions below:

  • Begin the process of printing a chart by opening the Print Chart dialog
  • Click on the Chart Preferences button
  • Select the Stars tab
  • There are two star size sliders.  The topmost slider sets the minimum star size as drawn on the chart.  Increase the minimum star size and try a test print until all the stars are printing properly.

3. Missing data after upgrading to Windows 10

This is a very rare problem, but there have been a few reports that after upgrading to Windows 10, SkyTools no longer correctly displays observing lists, logs, etc. We believe this has to do with the registry where SkyTools stores the locations of its files. The files are still there, SkyTools simply can't find them.

The solution is to uninstall SkyTools using add/remove programs. Then re-install via the media, if you have it, or via the download link you were sent in your order confirmation email. Update to the latest version immediately after starting SkyTools for the first time.