Common SkyTools 4 Problems and Solutions

Bundle License/Serial Not Recognized When Installing On A Second Device

When you upgrade to the bundle from the Pro Edition or Imaging, you are issued a product upgrade code. This code requires version 4.0g or later to be installed in order to be recognized. 

1. If you saved your original SkyTools 4 Imaging setup file, please download the more recent version of the setup file to use for installing on the second device. 

2. When you applied the upgrade code, your serial number was changed to reflect your new product. Open About SkyTools from the help menu and write down your license information. When you install the SkyTools 4 Bundle on your second device, use this license.

Eyepieces are Missing From the Eyepiece Pool List When Assigning Eyepieces to Your Telescope or All Observing Lists Have Disappeared

Some anti-virus software, and bitdefender in particular, falsely determines that a SkyTools file on your computer contains some sort of virus, which makes zero sense because these types of files are inactive and cannot pose a threat. But as a result, the file is removed (or quarrentined), often without notifying the user, which is inexcucable. To resolve this problem, tell your anti-virus to remove any SkyTools files from quarentine and to stop monitoring the SkyTools 4 folder. If you continue to have problems, please consult the company that makes your anti-virus. As for bitdefender, they have been informed of these issues yet have not taken steps to fix them. Therefore, we do not reccomend the use of bitdefender on devices that run SkyTools.