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Sharing Data: The SkyTools Community

There is often much more an object in the sky than the data in a catalog.  Objects come alive through magazine articles, spectacular Hubble images, observing handbooks, web sites, and the observations made at the telescope by others.  SkyTools users can attach information such as this to any object, enhancing each.  And the best part of this is that this user data can be shared with others via SkyTools Standard/Pro Edition shared data (.stx) files.  

Imagine sharing your own personal list of of favorite objects, each with notes, links to the web, DSS images, or even your own images!

  • Notes -- notes are text of any length, either written by yourself, or pasted from some other source.

  • Images -- an unlimited number of images can be attached to an object in a variety of image formats, from JPEG to FITS.  This includes images that can be displayed in the chart backgrounds.

  • Web links -- an unlimited number of links to web pages for each object.

  • Log Entries -- your own observations at the telescope.

  • Observing Lists -- your custom lists of objects to observe.  Notes, images, web links and log entries can be attached to an observing list; all these items will be exported along with the list, providing a neat way to package them together in file.