SkyTools 4 Imaging and make a powerful combination

The value of SkyTools Imaging is that it replaces guesswork with accurate calculations. It can accurately estimate the signal to noise ratio under any conditions, allowing for much higher quality planning. 

It will help you select target objects that are appropriate for a given iTelescope, or tell you the best iTelescope to use for a given target object.

Select the proper filters, determine when to make your reservation, and create an optimized imaging plan that can be uploaded to an iTelescope.

  • Advanced Target Selection Tool

    • Pick targets: high in the sky, suitable image scale, reasonable total exposure times

  • Find the best iTelescope for a given target object

  • Optimize observations & maximize image quality

    • Right time of night, right filter order, right sub exposure

  • Generate plans

    • Upload to iTelescope; start plan manually or attach to reservation

  • Track progress of projects

  • Searchable archive of observations

  • Plot your images in the chart background

    • Identify objects captured on image

  • Image preview window

    • Accurate preview for filter, exposure & conditions, including blooming stars

  • Graphically plan mosaics for large objects

  • Automatic iTelescope updates

  • Exposure calculator

  • Full function charts

  • Extensive highly-corrected databases