SkyTools 4 will change the way you do imaging

The value of SkyTools Imaging is that it replaces guesswork with accurate calculations. It can accurately estimate the signal to noise ratio under any conditions, allowing for much higher quality planning. Currently, imagers use experience, rules of thumb and generalizations to decide what to image, when to image, how long to expose in total, and what sub exposure times to use. In the end it is all guesswork. 

How much time have you wasted on targets that are beyond the capabilities of the imaging system? Or wasted by imaging the same objects that have already been imaged a million times? Just imagine if you had a tool that could search every known object for the ones that are suitable for your imaging system.

Maximize Your SNR

When it comes down to it, imagers have no real way to know how long they need to expose to reach the result that they want, and they basically guess at the conditions needed to obtain the best results for a given filter. SkyTools 4 replaces that guesswork with accurate calculations. 

  • Any filter, any camera, any telescope

  • The most advanced imaging scheduler available, even including professional observatories

  • Automatically generates ACP Plans

  • Submits projects directly to ACP Scheduler and calculates the optimum constraints to use

  • Creates plans for

  • Automatically Keeps track of your progress for each mosaic tile and filter in your project

SkyTools Imaging connects a new and highly accurate imaging model to the most highly-corrected and complete astronomical databases available, via an innovative user interface. It can be used to pick suitable target objects, predict how many exposures will be required to obtain the desired result, keep track of each projectís progress, and guide observations so that SNR is always maximized.