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SkyTools 3 Tutorials


Please note that these tutorials employ a synthetic text-to-speech voice. The narration may sound slightly "choppy" at times. Also, the size of the movie window is much smaller than that of a typical monitor and the pictures are compressed, making them appear a bit grainy.

Introduction to SkyTools

For those new to SkyTools: A tour of the primary observing tools.

Watch SkyTools Introduction Tutorial 

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The Nightly Planner: Planning Visual Observations

How to plan a visual observing session.

The Nightly Planner: Advanced  

Associating data such as notes and images; using the status and priority columns.

Observing Lists: where to find them and how to make your own

Download observing lists from our web site and learn four different tools to create your own.

Watch Nightly Planner Tutorial 

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Watch Advanced Nightly Planner Tutorial 

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Watch Observing Lists Tutorial 

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Real Time Observing

SkyTools features that useful for visual observing at the telescope, including the Real Time tool, telescope control, and using the Context Viewer.

Logging Observations

How to efficiently log your observations, view them later, and export them in a variety of formats.

Observing Double Stars 

A tour of the tools available for the double star observer; from planning observations to simulating stars pairs on the charts.

Watch Real Time Observing Tutorial 

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Watch Observation Logging Tutorial 

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Watch Double Stars Tutorial 

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SkyTools Preferences

Find the current version, register, send feedback and customize SkyTools to work the way you want it to.

Configuring Designations

Customize how SkyTools displays object designations. Hate common names? Love the NGC? See how to display what you want.

Synchronizing Data Between Two Computers 

Two methods for moving SkyTools data from one computer to another.

Watch SkyTools Preferences Tutorial 

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Watch Configuring Designations Tutorial 

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Watch Configuring Designations Tutorial 

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Estimating Your Sky Brightness

The brightness of your sky is critical to the calculations SkyTools makes for visual observing and astro-imaging.

Creating an Obstructed Horizon

Building or trees blocking your view? Define the area of the sky you can actually see.

Night Vision Mode

Tips for using SkyTools at the telescope without losing your night vision.

Watch Estimating Your Sky Brightness Tutorial 

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Watch Creating an Obstructed Horizon Tutorial 

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Watch Night Vision Tutorial 

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Astro-Imaging Tutorials

Follow the entire process from picking suitable targets to making the observation.

Astro-Imaging Part 1: Planning a Deep Sky Observing Session

In this tutorial we select potential Arp galaxies to image using an LX200 10-inch telescope

Astro-Imaging Part 2: Using the Interactive Atlas and Context Viewer

In this tutorial we use the charts and DSS images to preview potential targets.

Astro-Imaging Part 3: Refining Your Plan with the Exposure Calculator

Now that we have selected a target we use the Exposure Calculator to refine our plan.

Watch Astro-Imaging Tutorial: Part 1 

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Watch Astro-Imaging Tutorial: Part 2 

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Watch Astro-Imaging Tutorial: Part 3 

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Astro-Imaging Part 4:  Using Real Time to Control the Telescope

In this tutorial we will control a telescope via Real Time and the Interactive Atlas to observe our target.

Solar, Lunar and Planetary Imaging 

In this tutorial we see how to plan a session to image Saturn with a webcam.

Watch Astro-Imaging Tutorial: Part 4 

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Watch Solar, Lunar and Planetary Imaging Tutorial 

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