SkyTools 4 is now two products, SkyTools 4 Imaging and SkyTools 4 Visual.

SkyTools is the premier software for observing. It is not a planetarium or a planner, but software designed to aid in every aspect of astronomical observing. 

We are currently testing and adding finishing touches to SkyTools 4 Visual. We expect it to be ready very soon.

Preview of the Nightly Planner

There is nothing else that comes close to the Nightly Planner, both in terms of raw power and ease of use. It distills the most sophisticated astronomical calculations into a remarkably simple interface that anyone (even absolute beginners) can use.

Purchase SkyTools 3 now and upgrade to SkyTools 4 Visual for free!

New in SkyTools 4 for Visual Observing

  • Updated and improved interface

  • Improved chart graphics

  • Updated, expanded, and corrected databases

  • Improved Event Finder and Calendar with reminders

  • Faster drawing of minor planets

  • Online sharing of equipment definitions, equipment cloning

  • Herschel identifications and discovery descriptions

  • Tour mode

  • Unlimited Barlow lenses and focal reducers

  • New Nearby Objects tool

  • Associate images/sketches directly with log entries

  • User-defined observing list columns

  • Sophisticated ideal eyepiece algorithm

  • Dobson's hole avoidance

  • Subscribe to automatic updates of comets, minor planets, and novae/supernovae

These are just a few of the highlights. It would take many pages to list all of the new features and improvements!

  Click to see full-size screen captures below

Purchase SkyTools 3 now and upgrade to SkyTools 4 Visual for free!