SkyTools is the premier software for observing. It is not a mere planetarium or a planner, but software designed to aid in every aspect of astronomical observing. 

The Legendary Nightly Planner

There is nothing else that comes close to the SkyTools 4 Nightly Planner, both in terms of raw power and ease of use. It distills the most sophisticated astronomical calculations into a remarkably simple interface that anyone (even absolute beginners) can use.

SkyTools 4 for Visual Observing Features

  • Three Editions: Standard, Standard plus Real Time Observing, Pro

  • Nightly Planner & Observing Plan Generator

  • Real Time Observing (not included in Standard Edition)

    • SkyTour 

  • Nightly Observing List Generator 

  • Powerful Database Search

  • Detailed Object Information that can be read aloud

  • Event Finder

  • Interactive Atlas

  • Custom Finder Charts

  • Overhead Sky & Naked Eye Charts

  • Observing Logbook & Log Browser

  • Ephemerides

  • Current Comet, Nova/Supernovae, Bright & Interesting Minor Planets Subscription Service

  • Attach Notes, Images, and web links to objects

  • Download DSS images from a variety of sources

  • Backup/Restore & Sync Data between devices

New in SkyTools 4 for Visual Observing

  • Updated and improved interface

  • Improved chart graphics

  • Generate a true Observing Plan

  • Take a SkyTour at the telescope

  • Updated, expanded, and corrected databases

  • Faster drawing of minor planets

  • Herschel identifications and discovery descriptions

  • Dreyer descriptions

  • Unlimited Barlow lenses and focal reducers

  • New Nearby Objects tool

  • Spoken object information

  • Sophisticated ideal eyepiece algorithm

  • Dobson's hole avoidance

  • Subscribe to automatic updates of comets, minor planets, and novae/supernovae

  • And more to come!

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