The ultimate software for visual observing. The SkyTools 4 planning tools make other software look trivial in comparison. Featuring highly-corrected integrated databases, atlas, sky event finder, and customized finder charts are also unmatched. 


There is nothing else that comes close to the Nightly Planner, both in terms of raw power and ease of use. It distills the most sophisticated astronomical calculations into a remarkably simple interface that anyone (even absolute beginners) can use. It doesn't just organize your observations, it helps you pick targets that are suitable for your location, telescope, and conditions, and ensures that you will get the best possible view. The developer of SkyTools is a highly-experienced observer who has done all of the calculations for you, so all you need to do to is take out the telescope. Have you spotted the pillars of creation, or the jet in M87 yet? 

Generate an observing plan that starts with objects that are setting and then minimizes how far you have to move the telescope from one object to the next.

The Event Finder hearalds upcoming meteor showers, eclipses, transits, appulses, jupiter satellight events, GRS transits, and informs you when a faint planetary satellight is far enough away from the planet to spot.

Subscriptions to current comets, novae/supernovae, and interesting minor planets, automatically keep you updated with the best and most current data available. No other software provides vetted comet data that includes the latest magnitudes and coma diameters. No other software puts this information to work to accurately predict whether you can see a comet in your telescope and with observing conditions. Imagine being able to see a supernova on any given night, or spot a fast-moving asteroid as it passes the earth. Effortlessly. 


No matter how you observe, SkyTools has got it covered. 

The SkyTools finder charts are customized for your telescope/binoculars. Each view shows only the stars that you will see in the eyepiece. These charts replace traditional star hopping, and are simple and fast to use, whether on a laptop/tablet or on paper.

Control a telescope from an observing list, by typing in any designation, or from the atlas. The pop-up Eyepiece Viewer shows what is in the eyepiece, and you can even drag it from target to target.

The SkyTour plans out your observing session and guides you to the next target, speaking to you and reporting on each object as you go. All this with only the press of a single button, so you can concentrate on the eyepiece. 


Whether you record you observations in the field or the next day, SkyTools has ways to make it quick and simple, without having to enter the same information over and over. Everything SkyTools knows about your telescope or binoculars, eyepieces, location, and even your pupil diameter - are embedded into the log record. 

If years from now you open a record of observing Jupiter's Great Red Spot, one click will open a chart that will simulate what you saw on that night in the eyepiece, including accurately placing the GRS.  

Take Your Observing to the Next Level

The Pro Edition is a serious tool for serious observing. Plan for obscure objects with no catalog magnitude or size. Locate faint nebulae or planetary satellites once thought to be beyond amateur instruments, and with the deep star database you can always be sure of what you are seeing in the eyepiece. Find comets that are at the edge of detection without wasting your time looking at ones that you can't see because they are too diffuse. Accurately track earth-approaching asteroids, laying in wait just ahead of them.