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Starter Edition Upgrade Options

Are you ready to go beyond the Messier and brighter NGC objects?

The Starter Edition has a limited database and is stripped of many useful features that are standard in the other editions. The Standard Edition opens up the sky with deeper and more highly corrected databases than any other software. It will grow with you as you explore the Universe from dark sites with larger telescopes. The Professional Edition adds planning for astro-imaging, more sophisticated database searching, and a very-deep star database that can be counted on to show all of the stars in the eyepiece of even the largest telescopes. 

If your telescope can be controlled from a computer, the Real Time tool can control a wider variety of mounts than any mobile app. The availability of inexpensive Windows tablets allows you to take the full power of SkyTools with you into the field. Your observing lists, logs, and other data can easily be shared between your desktop, laptop, and tablet.

Here are some of the features you will find in the more advanced editions:

  • Keep track of your observations with quick and efficient logging tools

  • Never miss an upcoming sky event, such as eclipses, meteor showers, close approaches of planets and moon, transits of Jupiter's moons, etc. All calculated for your own location.

  • Explore the sky with the Interactive Atlas

  • Preview objects by easily downloading Digital Sky Survey Images for display in the chart background

  • Automatically generate a wide variety of observing lists customized for your telescope, location, interests, and observing conditions

  • Control the telescope from your device

  • Use the powerful database search engine to mine the extensive databases to discover new objects to observe 

  • Display your observing list as thumbnails

  • Know with certainly which telescopic comets you can see in your telescope, under your conditions, to greatly improve your chances of spotting them 

  • Plan double-star observations with splittability calculations made for your telescope, and charts that can be zoomed-in to accurately show all double star pairs--even long period binaries with orbits

  • Be the first to observe a newly discovered supernova in a distant galaxy with the most current information anywhere

  • Share observing lists, notes, and other data

  • Move your data from one device to another

How to upgrade

Upgrade your Starter Edition by clicking on the About SkyTools menu selection of the Starter Edition observing list menu.  A web page will open in your browser where you can order your upgrade. 

Feature Comparison

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