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How To Tell if Your Telescope Control System is Supported by SkyTools

SkyTools directly supports the Argo Navis and Sky Commander.   If you use one of these then read no further.

For all other control systems SkyTools uses the ASCOM interface.  This is a 3rd party program that has been used by the majority of astronomy software products for many years.  It interfaces to an impressive variety of mounts and support for new control systems continues to be expanded.

Unfortunately this means that we at Skyhound are not the experts on which mounts are currently supported. We can say this with certainty: if your control system is supported by ASCOM it is compatible with SkyTools.

The question then becomes, "Does ASCOM support my control system?"

List of Telescopes currently supported by ASCOM from the ASCOM web site

People often email us to ask about a recent control system or an offshoot of one listed as supported by ASCOM to be certain it will work.  What we usually do with these requests is to research them ourselves.  You can save time by doing what we do: use a search engine to look for your control system or mount plus the word "ASCOM".  As an example, one could search for "LX90 ASCOM".  I did this and soon found the following quote from a forum posting: "I can control the scope using ASCOM drivers".  One advantage of this kind of search is that you will quickly find out what sort of problems people run into connecting mounts like yours to computers, often including the solution as a bonus.

Another useful resource is the various online forums dedicated to telescopes like yours.  A search of one of these forums for "ASCOM" will usually tell you all you need to know.  If not, you can always join and ask.

If you are still not sure feel free to email us and we will try to help.