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December 2010 Astronomy Technology Today (by David Snay)


"SkyTools can be a valuable addition to your toolbox. It's interface is well designed and cleanly implemented -- I abused it in as many ways as I could imagine and I never encountered a single glitch."


"As a retired software engineer with patents for my own software, I very much appreciate the effort Greg put into the clean and smooth interface."

"If you're tired of spending hours searching for objects to observe and would rather spend a few minutes planning your next session knowing that you're likely to succeed, then SkyTools could be the tool you need."

April 2010 Sky & Telescope Magazine


"This software is a powerful program for observers and astrophotographers.  I have little doubt that I could erase every other astronomy program from my  hard drive and get along fine with just SkyTools 3."

"SkyTools 3 includes an elegant, easy-to-use logging system that has space for extensive notes."

Comments Sent to Us and Gleamed from Around the Web

One feature in which it surpasses any other application is the way that Sky Tools 3 Pro helps unravel the particulars of binary/multiple star systems. It is nothing short of astounding in this respect. For any system you can think of, it reports both textually and graphically the colors, magnitudes, separation and position angles of each known component. The number of components in familiar systems is surprising in itself.

It has greatly increased my understanding of this aspect of astronomy and I can't imagine making such progress without it. This is but one aspect where it serves to increase one's confidence by being there as a robust source of information to back up the hobbyists explorations. I could go on and on... but I can't omit the ease with which it updates the current status of comets, asteroids and supernovae - a couple of mouse clicks and it's done. Greg has been great about keeping lists of those items updated and accurate. With this bundle of tools in your pocket, you become the star of your observing group because you tend to know where in the sky every thing is.

The more I use it, the greater is my respect for the genius woven throughout this product.
SkyTools 3 is one of the finest and most useful tools for any observer's computer.  Unlike many programs that promise immediate wonders, SkyTools will reward a modest investment of time with increasingly detailed insight into what you can see from your observing site --- whether it's in a Dark Sky Preserve or your own backyard.
SkyTools 3.0 really addresses the challenge of creating a list for the evening. Even if you are going after the venerable Messier objects (sure pleasers), SkyTools provides an optimal schedule for viewing, and indication of difficulty, and even a recommendation for best eyepiece to use out of your collection.
I have owned a lot of astronomy related software in the past and without a doubt, Sky Tools has proven to be the most valuable.
If I should have ONLY ONE astrosoft in my PC, it would be SkyTools. It is the best soft, and most complete I ever seen..
I used your Exposure Calculator to determine the proper exposure settings needed to capture it. The image came out far better than if I used my stock exposure settings of 4xLRGB @ 600s.
My observation of this supernova would never have been possible w/o finder charts created by SkyTools3 whose printable observing charts seem to be infinitely customizable. I have to say that my admiration for the creators of the SkyTools 3 app grows by the day. The amount of thought that went into the creation of this software is just plain awesome. It can show more stars and fainter stars than I can see with my 10 inch telescope. The databases of current objects like asteroids, comets and supernovae update with a couple of mouse clicks.
It only took a short time to learn how to operate this program.  It is different completely from the other two I have installed on my PC but in a good way.  The format you use is so much easier than the others. All the info I need or want is presented simply and completely.  And features like setting up for the equipment I have is a snap! 
A wonderful program and well worth the time for the update.
I really like SkyTools.  It deals with information and operation while the others I have looked at seem more graphics oriented and are a little short on operation.  I also like the way one can communicate with you and also the way you upgrade so rapidly.
The exposure calculator is a dream come true and looks to calculate recommendations very well.
The SkyTools 3 (ST3) databases are undoubtedly the most advanced of any amateur software, and way past those of (another product), a program that has not been updated for many years now.
I have a few too many different astro software... I like SkyTools3 Pro the most as the interface is very intuitive, the star charts are simply the best looking and the observing list generator is the best out there.
I am four hours into my first observing session aided by SkyTools. I love it! It is light-years beyond any other observing planner, charter, and logging software out there.

This is software programmed and refined by someone who clearly uses it!
The planning tools are great, the realtime tools are as well, it's charting is excellent and the logging is perfect for me.